Coffee Makers

If you are a gourmet coffee drinker, you may want to opt for the convenience of your own coffee maker. After all, who wants to get up early and run out to buy a cup of fresh coffee each and every morning? It is so much more enjoyable to sit and sip your coffee while reading the paper in your robe and slippers.

A Cafetiere is a French coffee maker that is also known as a French press. Since no filters are used, this coffee pot makes rich, strong coffee. If you are not going to be able to serve your coffee right away, the Cafetiere is not a good coffee maker to use. This is because if the coffee is left to sit in the Cafetiere, the coffee grounds continue to brew and the coffee grows very bitter. You can find a Cafetiere that makes a few cups of coffee or you can find a model that makes up to twelve cups of coffee. If you have a modern kitchen, you may want to opt for a Cafetiere made with solid stainless steel. For a less modern kitchen, you can find a Cafetiere made with a combination of glass and steel.

Cappuccinos are a very expensive habit for people who drink a cup or two of coffee each day. If you have a coffee addiction, you may want to shop for a Cappuccino coffee maker. These coffee makers are a bit on the expensive side compared to standard coffee makers, but then the price of a Cappuccino is more expensive than regular coffee. If you entertain frequently, you may want to shop for a Cappuccino machine that makes several cups of Cappuccino at one time.

Finally, don't forget to add a coffee grinder to your purchase. Coffee grinders will help you enhance your coffee drinking experience, since you can buy and grind your own gourmet beans to make the freshest coffee possible. You can find an old fashioned hand powered coffee grinder if you do not grind a large quantity of beans. However, if you grind a lot of coffee, it may make more sense for you to opt for a powered coffee grinder, instead.

Once you have a new coffee maker, you will be able to spend less time waiting in lines at the coffee shop. Perhaps you can use that time to relax and enjoy the morning.

By Matthew Anthony

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